Trixie Bunny Hutch Review

Trixie Bunny Hutch is one of the popular Bunny hutches. If you are not clear about the differences of Bunny hutches and indoor bunny cages then you have to first understand the difference between both of them. Then you may know the use of Bunny hutches. The people those who are looking for a Bunny hutch, they expect a most traditional one. Traditional hutches have a story. The traditional hutches are more elevated. Therefore, they are placed higher than the surrounding area. Also, they have a backwards-sloping roof. The hutches also have a nesting box . Trixie Bunny Hutch is one of the traditional hutch which is popular in the market. It just had only few enhancements to make it more stylish. Let us see the enhancement made to Trixie Bunny hutch.


Trixie Bunny hutch gives more space for your rabbit and makes it comfortable. It has the traditional four-legged Bunny hutch. Each pair of legs in between a cage panel is inserted. This sounds great. The space made it into a two-story hutch. There is another good enhancement made on Trixie Bunny hutch. It has the easy access of the hutch. In Amazon, a review was about the easy access. A lady commented that the access of the hutch is good in this particular model. So that her 7-year old daughter clean the hutch on her own. The convenience of the hutch is that it is more comfortable. A ramp on the hutch is given from the ground. It reaches the second floor. A removable plastic floor is provided. It makes cleaning easy and build-in troughs for hay. A hatch close the two levels which is separated.

The size of the trixie Bunny hutch with enclosure is 40.75”W * 20.25”L * 38”H. The features of the hutch include:

The Nesting boxes are hideout in the hutches. It can easily access to the hide out area with wood front doors. It has three access doors. Sliding locks are on the doors. It is provided for safety and security of the bunnies. Built-in hay trough are for easy cleaning. It has great ventilation. It allows Bunnies to breathe freely. It has double space of the traditional Bunny hutch. Easy access of the hutch with hinged roof. Ground-level access is provided. It makes your bunnies to lie on the grass. Ramp gives multi-level access to the bunnies. Bottom plastic tray for cleaning the hutch easily. A bunny hutch is made with these features. It makes your Bunny to be happy. The reviews are good in Amazon for this traditional hutch. It provides a great features and also it looks traditional.

Issues of Trixie Bunny hutch

There are also some issues with these bunny hutches. The bunny may dig the grass if nothing is provided at the bottom of the hutch. When you are going to use the hutch in indoors or outdoors then you may spread something under the bunny. This is one of the simplest solutions. It helps your bunny digging the grass and it may help the carpet from out of damage. The plastic tray for cleaning does not have any gate. People won’t let their rabbit to stand on the wire. This is not a major problem. But this depends upon the personal thoughts. Trixie Bunny hutch is designed in a permanent structure. But this is not stable. Try to place a screw or tie something to the permanent place. It may gives stability. These are found as an issues in having these bunny hutches.

Good things about Trixie Bunny hutch

There are more positive thoughts when comparing with the issues of having these hutches. The good things about Trixie bunny hutches make people craze on buying these hutch. It has a affordable price. The quality of the hutch is really good. Even two rabbit can stay in a hut. It is more spacious. The hut can be assembles easy after every cleaning. It is able to move from place to place. The bunny can be feeded easily with the help of the hinged roof. The rabbits have separate area for eating and sleeping.
There is a chance of bunnies to eat chew the food. It is also known as bunny hutch framing. Not every bunny will do this thing. But some bunnies used to chew the wood. So prevent your bunny hutch you may but a bitter spray and spray it in the wood. It reduces the tendency of the rabbit to hutch framing.

The trixie bunny is a bit small to have two rabbits in one. But Also it can house in a single hutch. If you look for a traditional hutch with more space, the Trixie bunny hutch is one of the best one to choose for your rabbits. If you house only a single rabbit in a hutch then it is the ideal one. It will give your rabbit a lot of space to play freely inside the hutch. Even two bunnies can also be house in this hutch. It will be made with a large amount of bells and whistles.


Trixie bunny hutch is one of the top rated hutches. People rate this hutch highly. The trixie hutch is very spacious. This is one of the best advantages of this hutch. The price is affordable. The hutch can be easily assembled. This is a best hutch at an affordable price. It is also very spacious.


The dimension of this Trixie bunny hutch is 40.75”W * 20.25”L * 38”H. The weight of the hutch is 67 pounds. It is simple.

This Trixie Bunny hutch is a hutch, which gives your rabbit a good space. It is also designed in a traditional look. It has many enhancements to make your bunny feel comfortable and happy in its house. The people looking for traditional look with more space can purchase the Trixie Bunny hutch. We hope this review of trixie bunny hutch was useful to you.

Trixie Bunny Hutch

Special Feature:

It is spacious and even two rabbit can stay in this hut.

Key features:

+ Non slip ramp,

+ locking arm.


+ wide space,

+ durable.


+ Only for indoor.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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