Things to Be Consider While Building a Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are the harmless and non-bitable pet animals placed at home all around the world. Building a rabbit cage in an own handed process will be quiet interesting and worth full when compared to a readymade rabbit cage. There are different varieties in rabbits which will differ in their size, shape, hair densities etc. In general, rabbits used to live and breed their offspring in their burrows so these things are to be notices while implementing the rabbit hutch.Building-Rabbit-Cage

Needful options for Rabbit cage Construction:

The options for building the rabbit cage are varied in few things but it requires some common basics while building a rabbit cage. The following are some noticeable options for constructing the rabbit hutch.

Deciding the cage size: The first and most things in implementing the rabbit cage are to consider the size of the cage. Bigger the cage size then greater will be the healthier long-lived of rabbits. The size of the rabbit roof should be five times larger than the pet so that it may lead in a happiest environment to enrich their health. The cage should be implemented in a way such that the rabbits intakes enough air from outside environment.

Cage Implementing Area: Once the size is decided, the next thing to be considered is the selection of area to construct the cage. While working towards the well being of the rabbit’s growth, the indoor caging is the most preferable one when comparing with the outdoor caging. Because outdoor caging will leads a rabbits to the predator’s attack, infectious or bacterial attack etc. Indoor caging is housed with protected environment from extreme weather conditions and insects attack such that it tends a rabbits to healthier and peaceful housing. Indoor caging is the best method for the rabbits to get interacted with the human beings.

Usage of Materials: The materials used in caging for the rabbits should be chew proof and non toxic. Materials such as wood, plastic rods, clampers, clippers, water paints,

Feeding Process: Food and water plays an important role in rabbit’s routine life. While feeding the rabbit, food should be feed with greater care such that it enriches the growth of a rabbit. Water should be placed in a clean bowl and it should be changed once for an hour. Green hay enriched with vitamin A, B, Calcium, protein and other nutrients promotes healthy teeth.

  • Leafy green feedings such as Parsley, Spinach, Mustard greens, Beet greens, Swiss chard, Radish tops, Sprout, Carrot tops, Cucumber leaves, Wheatgrass etc.
  • Non Leafy green feedings such as Carrots, Broccoli, Cabbage etc.
  • Fruits include Apple, Cherry, Apricot, Pear, Peach, Plum, Kiwi, Papaya, mango, Banana etc.

Toys: Generally rabbits are playful pet animal. As their teeth grow continuously they used to chew something that makes a joyful environment. So great care should be taken while choosing the toys for the pet animals. Toys that make a playful environment to a rabbits are unshaped wooden, hay, plastic balls or tube shaped materials, cardboard pieces etc.

Litter box: Some people will prefer wired bottom for the rabbit cage than the litter box but the wired bottom cage will damage the rabbit paws. While comparing with wired bottom cage, larger sized litter box is preferable.

Cleaning Process: Cleaning the rabbit cage regularly will refresh their life’s routine work. Irregular cleaning process leads to the formation of odor inside the house that causes hazardous disease to both human being as well as the pet animals. So cleaning process need to be maintained in a regular basis to keep bad odors and bacteria’s out from the home.

Rabbits like to lead their life in safe homing in which they freely explore their activities without any harmful environment. While implementing the rabbit cage, providing a best and safer environment will make the rabbits to lead a normal, healthier and loneliness life with human beings.

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