Indoor Bunny Cages Review : Iris Bunny Cage

This article is a review of iris bunny cage. Find out if this rabbit cage is a suitable one for your pets and the features available in it so that you can make your buying decision. Iris Bunny Cage may be a suitable place for your rabbits. Let us see about the special features of the cage so that you will get a clear idea about the cage.


Iris Bunny Cage

Iris indoor bunny cage has many features in it. It may look like a small cage but has some good facilities in it . The cage is also available in medium and large sized. The cage had been specially designed for the rabbits to feed, to drink water, and also for playing. Litter Tray also present in the cage. There is a place in the cage for the pets to sleep or the rabbits can hide in the small place. Now these cages are manufactured only in black and in future there may be different types of colors.

The cage is made of plastic. You can easily remove the wastes present in the cage. This is an advantage that litter can be easily thrown away because the cage is made of plastic. The rabbits may feel very happy because it has a suitable place for feeding, drinking water, sleeping, playing etc. Especially smaller rabbits may feel better and feel delighted. This cage may attract small rabbits than the larger one. This type of cage may be suitable for the smaller one. The rabbits may feel somewhat better to stay in this cage because of its structural appearance. The cage is also comfortable to the rabbits and the cage protects the rabbits from the dangerous animals. Choose the small cage for small pets and large or medium sized cage for larger pets. Larger cage is somewhat expensive than the smaller cage.

Special Features

Iris Bunny Cage is similar to the home for rabbits. All the facilities are provided in this type of cage like feeding food, drinking water in different levels. They drop their wastes in the second level of tray. In the last tray if the rabbits may feel tired, it may take rest in it. So the rabbits feel convenient in this cage.

These type of facilities are not provided in any other type of cages. Some pets may often chew their mouth. If they chew this cage, it would become a problem to the pets. The important thing to be considered about this cage is that people should clean the cage every 2 days. The cage may get cleaned easily because it is made of plastic. The cage doesn’t easily undergo corrosion. Cleaning process is somewhat easiest one. It is better to clean the cage daily, so that no virus or bacteria can attack the pets easily. The pets may become free from any type of diseases.This may influence many people to buy this cage.

Iris Bunny Cage is one of the most popular cage for rabbits. This Iris bunny cage is the cheapest one. So any person on a low budget can buy this cage for their rabbits at lower price. So the people and their pets are happy after purchasing iris rabbit hutches. This cage also looks beautiful than any other cage available in market.


In Iris Bunny Cage Cleaning process is very easy. Three levels are provided for feeding, dropping wastes, and also for sleeping. We can easily protect our pets from their enemies. These are the advantages of Iris Bunny Cage.


Now Iris Bunny Cage is prepared only in black color. So this might not reach some people. If in future it would be available in different type of color means it would definitely reach all over the world without doubt. This is one of the main and major disadvantage of the Iris Bunny Cage.

Grass Cage vs Iris Bunny Cage

Some cages are made of grass. This is to soften the cage for the rabbits. This cage is usually made of grass bed. It protects the rabbits paw. So the rabbits may feel free and feel comfortable to stay in it. Pets can also chew it because it may be usually made of grass. No problem will arise if it is consumed by the pets. This type of cage may cost cheaper than the other type of cage. This is the safest cage not only for rabbits but also for other pets. As this type of cage being edible, the pets may not get affected by it.


The disadvantage of this type of grass cage is that no facilities are provided for feeding, drinking, sleeping etc. This is a major disadvantage of this type of cage. So this type may not easily attract many people. This cage may be cheaper but it is not as cheap as the Iris Bunny Cage.

There may be advantage as well as disadvantage in this Iris Bunny cage. Many essential features are available in the Iris Bunny Cage. The Price of this cage is very cheap. This Iris Bunny cage will save your pets. No other cage will provide this amount of safety. This is the best and suitable cage for the pets. Cleaning the cage is an very easy process when you compare the same with other rabbit cages.

Iris Bunny Cage

Special Feature:

It is spacious and even two rabbit can stay in this hut.

Key features:

+ made of Polypropylene,

+ coated with epoxy powder wire.


+ large cage,

+ easy to clean.


+ Expensive.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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Go through all the advantages and disadvantages of the iris bunny cage and decide yourself if you want the buy this cage or not. From our point, iris bunny cage is one of the best choice to keep your rabbits happy and healthy. Check out the price of this product on amazon and decide if you are going to buy it or not. Let us know what do you think in the comments.

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