How To Feed A Rabbit?

Rabbits are lovable pets and special care should be taken in their feeding to maintain a healthy and balanced natural life. Rabbits digestive system are very sensitive and always ensure a good intestinal health by feeding foods that are rich in fiber. Otherwise, it may lead to improper nutritional diet that causes very serious intestinal problems with major consequences. A neat and comfortable cage will give a healthy and happy life to survive for the rabbits.How-To-Feed-A-Rabbit

What To Feed?


Rabbits can be fed with more of Hay which acts as a proper diet in removing waste like ingested hair or other indigestible items from rabbits intestines. Hay is a natural food and should be fed all the times that helps rabbit to chew frequently. Grass hay is full of fiber, Alfalfa hay is rich in protein and Clover hay is high in calcium. These foods overcomes kidney and bladder problems in matured rabbits.


Rabbits are addicted to green vegetables and love eating fresh vegetables any time. Vegetables should be given in small proportion since more consuming of vegetables causes diarrhea. Carrots are starchy vegetables that should be provided in small quantity to avoid cecal dysbiosis.

A healthy diet can be maintained by introducing new food in small quantity over a few weeks to stay away from digestive upsets.


Fresh and hygiene water to be supplied for proper functioning of rabbits intestines. Water can be provided in a ceramic / porcelain bowl and must clean frequently. When the intake of water is reduced then rabbits intestines are likely to dehydrate and proper treatment has to be given. We must ensure that the water should be algae-free during summer and must not freeze in winter season. Rabbits can be fed with vegetables that contains more level of water.


Rabbits can be fed with small quantity, say 25gms of Pellets or Nuggets daily. Over dosage of Pellets leads to obesity. These foods do not contain fiber and rabbit may prefer these instead of Hay that directly cause imbalance diet and digestive issues. Whereas a baby rabbit can be fed with more amount of Pellets that contains protein and calcium which helps their growth. Its better to avoid Pellets for grown rabbits to overcome health related issues.

Poisonous Foods

Foods such as cookies, bread, chocolate, sweets and so on, should not be given for rabbits. Rabbit consuming wild plants  from the garden may be poisonous and should be avoided. If consumed, proper treatment should be given immediately by veterinary physician.

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