Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Your rabbit will love the cage if it was more spacious. If you want a rabbit cage outdoors, here are some of the cages, which you are advised to buy your rabbit. And it provided many of the research and experiments on the rabbit cages. Rabbit cage perfection does not look like a good appearance. It must have a large area to make your rabbit to play freely inside the cage.Best-Outdoor-Rabbit-Hutches

Advantek- rabbit cage House substrates

It is one of the best rabbit cages . It is specially designed for rabbits to roam freely in the cage. You must be completely fenced cage. If it is to cover the upper and outer zone then it will be easy for rabbits to play freely. There are some of the best features of this cage. And offer the best value for the price of a cage. It is made of weather resistant. It consists of wood from the cage even insect resistance. These are used to prevent the cage during the climatic changes and insects. This also contains the withdrawal of the stairs. It is used to clean the cage. Cleaning is also very easy because the cage can be easily assembled. Both at home and abroad , these cages can be used. And galvanized hardware. It is used to prevent the cage from rust. It is light weighted cage. And it weighs 40 lbs. Rabbit with a size of 25 * 48 * 36 inches easily fit in a cage with enough space. Fully enclosed cage. It gives a secure area of the rabbit. The residential area is designed primarily to protect the rabbit. Roofing material covering the roof of the cage. Consequently, it has a roof leak proof. Inner part of the cage be dry even if it rains heavily. The size of the slope is 8 inches. It makes your rabbit feels to enter or go out of the cage easy.

Cheap rabbit cage sale

Rabbit Advantek- House substrates is the best rabbit hutch value cheap price. The emergence of a very large cage. Also, the price of the cage is very cheap. Rabbit cage will be getting an affordable price. Rabbit owners agree that Advantek- stilt rabbit cage is one of the best one for rabbits with cheap price. Tested 15 rabbit cages and rabbit finally knows the cage Advantek- stilt for the best one. 80% of the owners of the rabbit cage for others recommend.

Our #1 Pick:Advantek- rabbit cage House substrates

Special Feature:

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoors.

Key features:

+ Stilted nesting box,

+ pull out tray.


+ safe,

+ easily accessible doors.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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TRIXIE pet rabbit cage products with a run in the open air

The company TRIXIE have a good reputation in the market. They make good quality products. Rabbit cage TRIXIE is a good place where you can make a home for your rabbit. It looks very beautiful. There are many features that can make your rabbit to be safe in the outdoors. They also have to feel comfortable in his own house. The value of the price of the cage is very good. The price of the cage values. It is at an affordable price. Cage is designed to make the rabbit feel comfortable. Even in many of the environments in the outdoors, and it will remain dry dock. It contains the withdrawal of the stairs. It is used tray for easy cleaning. In the area of housing covered stops are open ceiling. Roof stops makes it easy to access. It is also used to feed the rabbits. Cage containing the front door. Each of the cages in the outdoor and indoor can be used. If the size of two rabbits is 61 * 20.8 * 27% inch – 40lbs then all of the rabbits and fit comfortably inside the cage. If you’re looking for a larger cage, and the cage TRIXIE is the best one. TRIXIE is a perfect cage for two rabbits or group of rabbits. Cage size is 17 inches long, 16 inches wide and 30 inches high.

2 traditional design area enclosed dropped the story

That is the largest and best cage than any other cages. It is easy for you to reach your rabbit in a cage TRIXIE. There is a covered sections and displays the number of door stops in the cage. The size 25L * 36.5 W * 57.25 inches H. non – slip ramp and there cage. It makes easy access to the house. It consists of construction consists of solid pine. The roof consists of the cage with shinges asphalt. For rabbits to breed is provided narrow network. At the will of the cage takes approximately 1 hour. It consists of the cage with a more spacious area. It allows the rabbits in a cage to play freely. Clean the cage is very easy. The cost will be slightly higher than the price a small model. But if you want more space for your rabbit, then this is one of the best cage.

Available sizes:

Prevue Hendryx 460 – a cage the size of a smaller 35.5 “H * 36” W * 24 “D
Prevue Hendryx cage 461. The smaller size of 36.25” H * 46.5 “W * 24” D

The enclosure mesh separates the nesting area of the hutch.The given fold-down ramp to enter easily. Cage has a double door lock. It gives more security to the cage. Pan bottom of the cage is removable. It makes cleaning easier. As it is likely that light it is easy to move. He recommended Hendry 460 and 461 hendryx owners rabbits residential homes.

Our #2 Pick: TRIXIE pet rabbit cage

Special Feature:

It has secure locks, cannot be broken easily.

Key features:

+ 2 locking arms,

+ Hinged roof .


+ retreat area,

+ Non slip ramp .


+ Assembling the products takes little time.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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Confidence pets 62 “rabbit cage

It cage safer and stylish rabbits. It is light weighted cage. The design of water proof for this cage. It is coated to resist the weather to make the rabbits safe from outdoors. It is included in the nesting area of the cage. It is also easy to clean with the help of a Chinese withdrawal.

Our #3 Pick:Confidence pets 62 “rabbit cage

Special Feature:

It is made of made of waterproof materials and therefore suits any weather type.

Key features:

+ Furniture-grade wood,

+ waterproof antifungal finish.


+ Double-level hutch,

+ Built-in open run area.


+ Heavy weight.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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While you’re looking for a cage in the outdoors, you need to be clear about your rabbit’s safety. It should be a rabbit safe from predators. When the rabbit in the open air environment may change easily. So as to maintain a safe rabbits, consider the different types of cages to choose the best one. It should be the safest of the cage closed area to warm the rabbits in the winter, and in summer must be cool.

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