Advantek’s Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek’s Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is a great place for rabbits to play around and have fun. This is a safe and perfect home for rabbits to stay comfortably and enjoys the indoor as well as outdoor life. This hutch is easy to install and maintain.Advantek’s-Stilt-House-Rabbit

Easy Clean

The hutch has an  advantage that comes with a pull-out tray that has a sunken plastic liner which makes cleaning easier. The hutch has got a door to access the outside area for the rabbits.

Quality Materials

Also the materials like fences, hinges and latches used in the hutch are made of stainless steel that doesn’t rust.

Water-Proof Roof

The roof is water-proof asphalt and of good quality that long last in any climatic conditions, making convenient to use at outdoor. The roof gives a warm heat during winter and chillness during summer times. The materials used are non-toxic that doesn’t affect the health of the rabbits.


The Advantek is a best suitable nesting for the rabbits to enjoy its daily life. The model of the hutch is in modern style that adds beauty to the indoor as well as outdoor. A cute window attached to the hutch adds good look to the structure. The finishing and painting of the hutch gives an eye-catching view.

Space for Two

The hutch is more sufficient and comfortable for two medium sized rabbits. There is an adequate space for the rabbits to stretch its legs. Once installed, the pet owners will definitely love the hutch.

The Advantek is the right choice for the pet owners and can be installed easy. It’s a safely living place for rabbits.

Product Specifications

Size: The assembled hutch measures 48” Length X 25” Width X 36” Height. It provides shelter for two medium sized rabbits.

Weight: 41.2 pounds / 18 kgs.

Make: The product is fully designed and manufactured in California.

Color: It comes in two colors i.e., Auburn & White. Both the colors suit the Hutch.


  • Includes a pull out tray for removing the wastes.
  • A door to access outside area easily.
  • Made with lightweight insect and rot resistant fir lumber that last longer.
  • Includes a door lock that safe guards the rabbits from outsiders / threats.
Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Special Feature:

This hutche has made of water proof roof.

Key features:

+ stilted nesting box,

+ waterproof roof.


+ insect/rot resistant,

+ comfortable for 3 rabbits.


+ Not suitable for outdoor.

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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