Advantek’s Duplex Rabbit Hutch Review

I have attempted to review on the most popular rabbit hutches on market today. It is the Duplex model from Advantek. Advantek Duplex Rabbit Hutch outcomes with the product which are used to shelter the rabbits in a healthier and peaceful environment. The Duplex Rabbit Hutch introduced by Advantek impresses lots of customer towards the product due to their good qualified features.Advantek’s-Duplex-Rabbit-Hutch

Housing Environment For Rabbits :Advantek’s  Duplex  Rabbit Hutch

  • Duplex Rabbit Hutch product is a home-like shelter for the pets to keep them in a safer place.
  • Featured with stylish shape with a reddish brown shaded.
  • The Duplex Rabbit Hutch product is computed with a spacious environment so that the pet animals may roam around the shelter freely.
  • Advantek designs this Duplex Rabbit Hutch with profoundly good rust free and water resistant to keep the pets out of unwanted infectious diseases.
  • The design of Duplex Rabbit Hutch highly module with two separate bed space housing implemented one above another.
  • Duplex Rabbit Hutch is made from rot and insect free Fir Lumber wood.
  • This spacious two-level rabbit hutch is constructed with the nest box.
  • The nest box provides privacy and security which makes the pet animals to sleep and rest in a comfortable manner.


  • Vast and compact size.
  • Stylish and Comfortably designed house with Auburn fulfillment.
  • Easy remove, clean and replaceable tray is affixed.
  • Non-toxic and waterproof asphalt leveled roof is implemented to prevent the pets from the unconditional weather.

Product  Specification:

  • The dimension of the product is 36.5H x 50W x 17.75D inches with a shipping weight of 50 – 53 pounds.
  • Suitable pets to keep aside are Rabbits, chickens.
  • Accessed with a slide out tray, nest box, and door lock.
  • Guarantee more than one year.
  • It is free from harmful weather and predators attack which is mounted one foot above from the floor.
  • Item model number is 21808A.
Advantek Duplex Rabbit Hutch

Special Feature:

This hutche has two separate compartments so that your pets can be comfortable at their place.

Key features:

+ 2 compartments,

+ two pull-out trays.


+ insect resistant,

+ easy to move.


+ Expensive.

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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We found  that most of the customers are satisfied and come with positive results in growing pet animals with Advantek  Duplex Rabbit Hutch.  We hope that this review on advantek duplex rabbit hutch was useful for you in making your buying decision. Do share your comments below about your experience.

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