Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

Rabbit lovers, who decide to accommodate bunnies in outdoor rabbit hutches, effectively avoid the need for rabbit-proofing the interior of their home. It also gives them far more normal surroundings. 

Outdoor Single Story Rabbit HutchNumerous rabbit owners happen to be completely effective in producing, healthy and balanced rabbits out of doors. However, to accomplish this requires thoughtful planning.

Rabbit Hutch - Weather Proof 

One of the issues is certainly the climatic effects upon an outdoor hutch. Hutches that are poorly made will not last very long. At the very least you will need to repair, or even replace, the hutch after a short period of exposure. In the worst case scenario, the hutch could come apart or even fall down and damage your rabbits. Make certain that any outdoor rabbit hutch is definitely durable enough to be able to withstand windy as well as rainy conditions.   

Any outdoor hutch should have a weatherproof roof to not only provide shade, but also withstand the elements. Pressure treated wood seems to be the material of choice for this purpose in addition to resisting rabbit waste products. A note of caution here is to be certain that any treated wood must be non-toxic, since rabbits chew on everything.

Outdoor Precision Pet Hutch

Rabbit Home Ventilation

The next couple of points to consider are air flow and cooling. When there is inadequate ventilation within the hutch, it's going to rapidly develop into an unhealthy condition. If the local climate is sufficiently warm, the heat could reach dangerous levels. Conversely, rabbits must be able to avoid excessive wind. Therefore, the best designed outdoor rabbit hutch will have a combination of open mesh construction, as well as a separate area that is completely protected from the weather.

Rabbits are happier and more likely to do well in climates where their environment can be kept generally in the 40 to 80 degree range (Fahrenheit). With sufficient insulating material to burrow into, they will do quite well with colder temperatures. It is the heat that can cause them a problem and that is something to be careful to help them avoid. See to it that the hutch is shaded in hot weather (85 degrees +).

Premium Penthouse Rabbit HutchSince rabbits are prey animals in the wild, keeping them secure from predators is an absolute necessity. In their natural environment they rely on being able to flee or hide from predators and if they believe they are threatened, rabbits can actually die of fright. Therefore, it cannot be over stated that their outdoor hutch must be constructed to keep out resourceful predators such as raccoons, plus the interior of the hutch must provide a place for your rabbits to hide and feel secure. Night time is when rabbits are most vulnerable, so be sure they are inside the hutch with all entrances secured during that time. 

Once these types of prerequisites are satisfied, you'll be ready to consider your needs. A lot of hutches are constructed with wire mesh flooring to easily permit waste materials to be able to drop through. That actually works well to keep the hutch clean. It's OK providing that the bunnies have got solid flooring in at least a third of the space. If they have to spend most of their time on wire flooring; it will aggravate their feet, and could result in an infection. Please note that hutches having several entry points are going to be simpler and easier to clean, plus you can reach your rabbits easier.